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    Germany is a country in the East side of Europe and a member of the European Union. It has access to the North Sea and is surrounded by the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, and Austria.



    Male version:

    They are usually depicted as wearing professional clothes like a white dress shirt with a pudgy red tie, black straight pants, and glasses or in firefighter clothing. They're also represented with a military suit of commanders of Prussia.

    Female version:

    Almost like their male counterpart, Female Germany usually wears a formal white shirt with a collar and red tie black as well as straps tied to their black skirt, the sleeves are usually long but they flex to be at their elbows.


    Germany is a friendly person mostly, but they're difficult to handle most of the time. They believe that respecting appointments is out of respect for the person's self they're waiting for, they care about time a lot, yet they allocate a lot of it to entertainment and humor; just as football plays an important role in their lives; they're one of the countries most known for the extent to which their people frequently attend matches, on the other hand, they love their work; they take it seriously and are devoted to it; as their global progress in the scientific; technical; medical; economic; and other fields didn't come from pure chance. They're also very passionate and hardworking.

    They're so honest in talking and dealing in various matters and they expect others to be honest with them too. They thank for any service/help that's provided to them even if it's something small that isn't worthy of it, they always address everyone with respect; and respect the beliefs and ideas of others as long as they don't aim to harm others/oneself in any way.

    Just like their people in general; they don't go overboard in wealth; rather prefer to wear clothes that don't reflect their financial situation

    They love pets; especially cats and dogs; they take care of them well; even some of their own people consider their pet/pets as their own child/children. They also love to travel around; to learn and aspire to know the other and everything new and weird, and they love to eat (fried) sausage; as there are more than 600 types of sausage on German lands.

    They're determined to fight climate change, as they want to protect the planet with the power of bikes and recycling, they also shut down their nuclear power station (but they still buy electricity for their neighbors).

    One of the negative traits they have is that they're rarely generous; they do respect others; laugh with some of them; and even befriend them; but it's not the same when it comes to material matters; it applies to their family members as well; for example; if they went to a restaurant with one of their acquaintances /friends/family members, they would only pay for their meal and wouldn't ask the other/s whether they have money or not. Plus the fact that they don't like to talk about their personal stuff; yet they sometimes ask others about theirs.

    They're distinguished by their economic and political power; their ability to influence on other people, and the adherence to the word of distinction and mastery of it. However; behind this mask; which makes them appear to be enjoying their lives well; there's that old complex with the atrocities they've committed in the past; it's still an emotional impediment for them; they still can't get over it and move on, which causes them psychological distress in most cases; as their people are known to be the most depressed in Europe.


    • They love work but also love drinking beer, eating sausages (they have several sorts of differents sausages) and pretzels in general.
    • They also love ice hockey, football, basketball, and handball. They're really proud of their zeppelins.
    • Breeding dogs

    Flag meaning

    Color, meaning HEX RGB
    Black symbolizes strength, courage and the great German past. #000000 0, 0, 0
    Red symbolizes the blood of German patriots shed in the struggle for democracy and freedom #DD0000 221, 0, 0
    Golden color symbolizes the freedom of the sun #FFCE00 255, 206, 0

    The colors of the flag of Germany somewhat resemble the colors used in the Roman Empire, which were just black and gold. Germans associate the colors of the modern flag with freedom and unity since they were adopted by the first attempt in the united German republic. In the Weimar Republic, following the First World War, the colors black, red, and gold represented the colors of the centrist, republican and democratic political parties. which had formed a coalition to avoid ascension to power by war-mongering or pacifist extremists.[1]

    Others symbols

    The animal that represents Germany is the Black Eagle (that you can also see on the coat of arms).

    The Motto is Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit 4 (Unity and justice and freedom).

    Anthem is "Das Deutschlandlied", talking about the proudness of the country and the importance of unity, justice, and freedom (just like the motto).[2]


    • People like to call him "Germoney" because they are very productive, and so make a lot of money. Also because they want the country that has a debt to pay them quickly. Sometimes, he is also called “Germonie”
    • "Germ" is also a nickname that is sometimes used for Germany.
    • "Ger" is another nickname that is used occasionally
    • The land of poets and thinkers
    • Across the Rhine
    • The Land of the Teutons
    • Niemcy (polish for Germany)


    The English word Germany derives from the Latin Germania, which came into use after Julius Caesar adopted it for the peoples east of the Rhine. The German term Deutschland, originally deutschland ("the German lands") is derived from Deutsch (compare Dutch), descended from Old High German deutsch "popular" (i.e. belonging to the diot or diota "people"), originally used to distinguish the language of the common people from Latin and its Romance descendants. This, in turn, descends from Proto-Germanic *þiudiskaz "popular" (see also the Latinised form Theodiscus), derived from *þeudō, descended from Proto-Indo-European *tewtéh₂- "people", from which the word Teutons also originates.

    Origin of languages

    German belongs to the West Germanic group of the Indo-European language family, along with English, Frisian, and Dutch (Netherlandic, Flemish). The recorded history of Germanic languages begins with their speakers' first contact with the Romans, in the 1st century BCE.


    This Part Of The Article Includes Controversial Themes Within It! If this kind of thing offends you, it is highly recommended you skip this part!

    Germany started as a group of tribes in a place called Germania. This name was given to the area by the Roman Empire.

    These tribes developed and became principalities in the Holy Roman Empire and they struggled to all cooperate for a long time until 1871 when they all finally came together to create the German Empire. That lasted for a bit and became a goo- sized colonial power until 1914 when World War One broke out and the Empire then sided with the Central Powers. It was here where they lost and Germany broke in pieces once again, both economically and politically. Soon came Nazi Germany and they had secret evil ambitions. After some peace but not much economic prosper during that time, they developed evil plans and invaded Poland (and Czechoslovakia just before), which started World War 2 in 1939. Just one wasn't enough, and Nazi Germany wanted to take over the world, get rid of both communism and capitalism, kill their enemies in the process, and replace it with fascism.

    Nazi Germany had a great start but ultimately forgot he was facing the British Air Force, French Resistance, and a lot of double agents (that originally worked for Nazi Germany but many got caught and turned against Nazi Germany instead). Their enemies cracked the German Enigma code, then they had to deal with another war on the African Front and a strong Russian winter, and they were soon was overwhelmed by the Allies in 1945.

    After this Germany became the child of a divorced couple; being the USA and the USSR. Germany was split and became East and West Germany.

    They both wanted to reunite, but the USSR wouldn't let them live a happy life as one capitalist country. There was a wall in the way known as the Berlin Wall. The wall separated kids, families, friends, workers, etc. And more commonly, West and East Germans were also separated. Many demanded for the wall to fall down. However, people who tried to cross The Berlin Wall, either did it in dangerous ways, or weren't so lucky. Some may have made it.

    It was this way for a while before USSR along with several others finally allowed everyone to be free and Germany reunified in 1990 after The Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989, due to too much pressure. So far Germany hasn't had any big problems except for recently Article 13 (and they can no longer make their German memes).


    Organizations and Affiliations

    • Council of Europe
    • European Union (EU)
    • European Space Agency
    • G4 ( Germany, Brazil, India, and Japan)
    • Group of Seven
    • International Monetary Fund
    • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
    • Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
    • Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
    • United Nations (UN) — In general, Germany is a big contributor to commit to the United Nations' goals.
    • World Bank Group
    • World Trade Organization



    Germany, a democratic, federal, parliamentary republic, and also has a constitution emphasizing the protection of individual liberties. The branches of Germany consists of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. The Executive Branch consists of the federal president and the federal cabinet, the president gets a five-year term, and acts in a more ceremonial sense, they are the head of the state. The Chancellor of Germany gets 4 years each term, with them being the head of the government, they are actually elected by the parliament.[3]



    The Treaty on Franco-German Friendship (known as the Élysée Treaty), signed on 22 January 1963 by German Federal Chancellor Adenauer and France’s General de Gaulle, became a symbolic moment that leads into a great relationship towards France and Germany.[4]

    United States of America

    After World War ll, Germany was divided into four areas controlled by four nations. Three of the areas merged into West Germany, which the United States started diplomatic relations with. The current state of Germany is a very close ally to the United States in Europe, they are based on trade, friendships with diplomats, and having common institutions, leading them for close ties. As Germany is a core member of G-7, G-20, NATO, and OSCE, they depend on each other for security and prosperity, German and American soldiers in NATO and the UN operations worldwide due in part to the joint training and capacity-building performed at U.S. military installations in Germany. One of their current priorities is keeping peace in the Balkans and Africa in general. When 9/11 came in, Germany became a resourceful ally to combat terrorism around the world. [5]


    Germany is located in Central Europe, between Poland and the Netherlands. Germany is the 2nd largest country by population (83M+ people as of 2020) and is the 7th largest country by land ( 356,959). In the south and central Germany, there are many forested hills and mountains. In the north, the landscapes have many flatten plains that stretch to the North Sea.






    • England
    • Third Reich
    • USSR
    • Iran “You are a threat to the world! You are as bad as ISIS, and you always cause attacks in my country! But other than that, your people are fine.

    Past Versions



    ❝ I never imagined that they would be my friend, but life always surprised us. I learned a lot about France. Our friendship is currently healthy and at its height, as long as that dark past won't disturb the harmony that binds us. ❞

    Germany's thoughts about France

    In the past, they were enemies for a long time. It got worse when Germany lost to World War 1 with the Treaty of Versailles (imposed by the winners). After World War 2, their relationships seemed to considerably worsen because of the Occupation and the Nazis. After that, they decided to try to get things better and since then it was the start of the Franco-German friendship which evolved into love. In 1958 they got their child, the European Union, putting a lot of faith in them, so they could guarantee lasting peace and economic cohesion in Europe.[6]

    European Union

    ❝ When we talk about our small continent, the first thing that comes to mind is my child, who I'm really proud of. They're the good in Europe; and the one who has reunited nearly all the European countries.❞

    Germany's thoughts about European Union

    They're sibling whom they love. They're always supporting them while other European members start to doubt then.


    ❝ The dark past that was between us didn't prevent us from becoming friends. All those problems that were between us have been solved and we really have good relationships, kind of tense sometimes, but overall better than they used to be back then.❞

    Germany's thoughts about Poland

    They have had a terrible past because they (along with other countries) shared them during the XIX century and then invaded them again with the USSR during World War 2. Since then, Germany has apologized and they have better relationships. Their current relations are very good and even excellent, as they became strategic partners and close allies, some slight tensions over the past would take place between them, but this didn't prevent them from maintaining their strong friendship.


    ❝ I'm still waiting, I was really patient with you, but patience has limits. When will you pay the debts and end this farce?❞

    Germany's thoughts about Greece

    It's very complicated between these two since Greece has a lot of debt to pay but can't because of their crisis. Germany keeps reclaiming their money, so it's very strained.


    ❝ My economic partner, has great tourist attractions so I usually visit them. I still enjoy going on tourist trips there even though I saw their tourist attractions frequently.❞

    Germany's thoughts about Malaysia

    Germany helps Malaysia in terms of economy. Germany aids are also 2nd largest number of tourists visiting Malaysia.

    United States

    ❝ The USA? ... uhh, Who?. Oh, wait!. I still remember that country, I was really too influenced by them when I was split in two. Lots of my people migrated to them centuries ago. Now we can't say that we're friends. These days there are notable tensions between us.❞

    Germany's thoughts about United States

    Germany has been really influenced by the USA when it was divided. Also, a lot of Germans moved to the USA centuries ago. But these days there is tension between the two. Uncommonly, people portray The USA as Germany's Father Figure after the split.


    ❝ You are a threat to the world! You are as bad as ISIS, and you keep trying make stops in my country! Also, does having a good relationship with USA make me a puppet?! NEIN! But other than that, your people are cool.❞

    Germany's thoughts about Iran


    ❝ I Don't know that much about them but some people call them me but South America.❞

    Germany's thoughts about Guyana


    • With nearly 50 different dog breeds, Germany is one of the countries with the most dog breeds in the world.
    • In the book "From Fixation to Freedom:The Enneagram of Liberation", Germany represents the pushy social Six. Duty to the family and the recognition of duty to the “fatherland” is a Germanic stance, but also The German beer hall is a very social Six-ish phenomenon. Claudio Naranjo also mentions Germany as Enneagram 6 in some of his books, such as "The Enneagram of Society".
    • This part is facts of what the CountryHumans fandom thinks.
    • They're often depicted holding a beer
    • Many people draw them in a suit and glasses because they're well known for being a hard worker and smart/serious person.
    • The German fans along with the Poles fans (sometimes the French fans) also criticize the community of the countryhumans because of the fame of Reichtangle and its whole existing, which they deem offensive to Germany, Poland (sometimes France), since it represents a dark and a dictator future for Germany, hence a new invasion of Poland (and even France)


    • Religion:
      • Catholic Church (31.2%)
      • Evangelical Church (30.8%)
      • Evangelical Free Churches (0.9%)
      • Orthodox Christianity (1.3%)
      • Other Christians (2.6%)
      • Atheist/Unaffiliated (27.9%)
      • Judaism (0.1%)
      • Other religions (5.2%)[7]
    • Urbanization: 77%[8]
    • Social Progress Index: 8th in the World
    • Basic Human Needs:
    • Health and Wellness:
    • Basic Medical Care:
    • Personal Safety:
    • Access to Education:
    • Advanced Education:
    • Personal Freedom: 9th in the World
    • Freedom of Speech:
    • Tolerance and Inclusion:
    • Tolerance of Minorities:
    • Tolerance of Homosexuals:
    • GDP:
    • Unemployment:
    • Currency: Euro (EUR)
    • Telephones:
    • Mobile Phones:
    • Internet Users: 78.81 million (2021)
    • Average Male Height: 5'11
    • Average Female Height: 5'5







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