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    Vichy France

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    Vichy France existed during the second world war as a Nazi puppet state, half of its territory (North West) was occupied by German's army while the rest of it was considered "free". It included the actual French territory without the Alsace, Lorraine, and the colonies. It can be considered as a very bad phase of France. It was an authoritarian regime.

    Description[edit | edit source]

    Appearance[edit | edit source]

    Vichy France is usually represented with a military uniform. They can be seen wearing a traditional French general's hat.

    Their body can be all white, but also sometimes the left arm can be blue and the right one red; due to the flags stripes.

    Personality[edit | edit source]

    Their personality is very similar to that of Francoist Spain and Estado Novo. Vichy France has no pity and tries to impress Third Reich, thinking they're indispensable, but they're wrong. They're egocentric (way more than before) and always trying to convince themselves that they made the right choice. They refused the help from their old friends, thinking they could stand up alone. They're no longer saying they're an open country.

    Interests[edit | edit source]


    Flag Meaning[edit | edit source]

    Color, meaning HEX RGB
    #0055A4 0, 85, 164
    #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    #EF4135 239, 65, 53

    Basically the French Flag with an axe with the same colors as the rest for the blades and yellow stars. It has also the motto on it.

    Other Symbols[edit | edit source]

    Vichy France changed their motto "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" to "Work, Family, Homeland", which shows what they wanted to focus on.

    Origins of languages[edit | edit source]

    Vichy France mainly spoke French.

    Preferences[edit | edit source]

    Likes[edit | edit source]


    Dislikes[edit | edit source]


    Nicknames[edit | edit source]


    Etymology[edit | edit source]


    History[edit | edit source]

    World War II[edit | edit source]

    The Armistice signed the end of the Third Republic and the start of the Occupation. France surrendered to Third Reich, was divided in two part and then became Vichy France (with Marshall Petain on its head), one was completely under Third Reich's control while the other part was under Vichy France's one. The only reason Third Reich made Vichy France was because they wanted Britain to feel like their ally had switched sides. Third Reich hoped that Britain would then surrender, but to their annoyance, Britain never gave up. They also loosed Lorraine and Alsace (region France and Third Reich were used to fight for and changed countries many times), loosed their aviation and navy. Thousand of people who immigrated loosed their French nationalities and had to leave the country in their own way. Vichy France collaborated on many plans:

    • Economic: "La Relève", Third Reich had 2 billions of French prisoners, so the deal was that for every French who went to work in Third Reich, they gave back three prisoners, spoiler alert: it wasn't a success. So they installed an obligatory service in 1942 (and were sending random people to German's camp since many still trying to escape from it). Vichy France had to pay heavy "occupation costs" to be... Occupied instead of completely crushed.
    • Military: A french legion of French soldiers of fought with German's soldiers in Russia. German's had also access to all military bases.
    • A Milice was created to arrest Jew people, because yes, Vichy France did participate to the Shoah (Holocaust) by sending many Jewish to death camps, but also Resistants, freemasons, communists and basically everything Nazis hated.

    The "National Revolution" is implemented with the motto "Work, Family, Homeland", they wanted a society more focused on peasantry (didn't like the working class because of the many strikes in the years 1930), religion and the traditional family.

    July 3, 1940, UK asked Vichy France to destroy their navy in Mers el-Kébir in fear that Germans would take it, but Vichy France refused so the UK sank many boats.

    In 1942 Third Reich took the whole France so Vichy France was just here to manage the things.

    End of the Regime[edit | edit source]

    The regime ends with the liberation of France by the Allies (USA, UK and Free France). The operation Dragoon which starts on August 15, 1944, which started the liberation of the South while the Normandy Landings which started on June 6, liberated the North West. Paris is liberated in august 25. This signed the end of the French State which is replaced by the Provisional Government of the French Republic (created in june 3) which declared every Vichy France laws inneficient.

    Relationships[edit | edit source]

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    Enemies[edit | edit source]

    Past Versions[edit | edit source]

    Future Versions[edit | edit source]

    Opinions[edit | edit source]

    United Kingdom[edit | edit source]

    ❝ I don't care what happened, I was always stronger than you!❞

    Vichy France's thoughts about United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom doesn't hate France, they still hope they will be able to bring back the good old France. They tried to convince Vichy France to disobey Third Reich, but Vichy France refused and they were forced to hurt them. They're protecting the sibling who escapes from Third Reich, the Free France, and they are both trying to free them and change their mind.

    Third Reich[edit | edit source]

    ❝ Showed me darkness. And I liked it.❞

    Vichy France's thoughts about Third Reich

    Their relationship with the Third Reich is really unhealthy, Third Reich always brutalises France who acts like nothing happened. Vichy France did the worst things to try to please the Third Reich.

    Free France[edit | edit source]

    ❝ I am still stronger than you!❞

    Vichy France's thoughts about Free France

    Vichy France hates this little kid who appears at the same time as them and they try by all the ways to kill them. On their side, Free France is making their best to change their mind so they could be reunited and make France come back (even if they have to attack them to make them understand). They're like the old rebel part of France.

    USSR[edit | edit source]

    ❝ I never admit that you won, you communist!❞

    Vichy France's thoughts about USSR

    Vichy France thinks communism had weakened the Third Reich and so considered this ideology as an enemy, so it's logical that they don't like the USSR at all.

    United States[edit | edit source]

    ❝ You are the one that agrees with that communist. ❞

    Vichy France's thoughts about United States

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    States[edit | edit source]

    Trivia[edit | edit source]


    Extra(s)[edit | edit source]

    • Religion:
    • Urbanization:
    • Social Progress Index: in the World
    • Basic Human needs: in the World
    • Social Opportunities: in the World
    • Health & Wellness: in the World
    • Basic Medical Care: in the World
    • Personal Safety: in the World
    • Access to Education: in the World
    • Access to Information: in the World
    • Advanced Education: in the World
    • Personal Freedom: in the World
    • Personal Rights: in the World
    • Freedom of Speech: in the World
    • Tolerance & Inclusion: in the World
    • Women Equality:
    • Tolerance for Minorities: in the World
    • Tolerance for Homosexual: in the World
    • GDP:
    • Unemployment:
    • Currency:
    • Telephones:
    • Mobile Phones:
    • Internet Users:

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